The Web version of the Historical Tsunami Database for the Pacific (HTDB/PAC) is maintained by the Novosibirsk Tsunami Laboratory (NTL) which is part of the Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics of Siberian Division of Russian Academy of Sciences. The database consists of two parts. The first part ( event data )contains the source some basic tsunami parameters on almost 1490 historical tsunamigenic events occurred in the Pacific (within the area between 65S to 65N and 80E to 50W) from 47 B.C up to the present time. The second part ( run-up data ) contains nearly 8000 coastal run-up and tide-gauge observations of wave heights. The third part ( earthquake data ) contains the world-wide catalog of  significant earthquakes (nearly 6300 events) from pre-historic times till present. The site provides you with screen forms for data search by a number of criteria, for their listing, sorting and for several types of data processing (a histogram of tsunami occurrence, intensity-time and intensity-magnitude charts).

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