Format of the Expert Database on Earth Impact Structure

List of Notations (in brackets the format and the minimum and maximum database values of each parameter are shown).

Database contains 1217 structures. Last update: 22.02.2023

Country - Country or region, where event occured
Name - Structure name (synonym)
lat - Latitude of the structure ('-' for southern latitude) [-90.00,90.00]
long - Longitude of the structure ('-' for western longitude) [-180.00, 180.00]
age - Age [0.0000001, 3400.0] (Ma)
dia - Diameter [0.0,2250.0] (km)
V - Validity of the impact origin of the structure Type - Type of the bottom structure D - Depth of depression [0.5,30000.0] (m)
N - Number of structures in the crater field
Erosion - Erosion parameter [1,7]
Appearance - Appearance on the Earth surface Space view - View from space Rocks - Target rocks