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Historical tsunami sources in the World ocean (1965 events for the period from 1628BC to 2004)

Visualization of the full world-wide historical tsunami catalog. 1965 tsunamigenic sources are shown for the period from 1628 BC (Santorini eruption) to present time. Size is circles is proportional to the event magnitude (for tectonic tsunamis), color represent the tsunami intensity on the Soloviev-Imamura scale. Most of tsunamis are generated along subduction zones and the major plate boundaries in the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean regions. Very few historical events occurred in the deep ocean and central parts of the marginal seas, except several cases of small tsunamis originated along the middle-ocean ridges and some major transform faults. Tsunami-like phenomena happen also in lakes, large man-made water reservoirs and big rivers.

Map of historical tsunami sources in the World Ocean (1965 events for the period from 1628BC to present). The size of circle is proportional to the source magnitude (for seismically induced tsunamis), color represents the type of event: red - transoceanic tsunamis (11), magenta - regional tsunamis resulted in fatalities (223), blue - all other tsunamis (1731).

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