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July 14, Tuesday. Morning Session.

10:00 10:30 Bernard E. Tsunami science: review of the past twenty years and discussion of future challenges (invited)

10:30 11:00 Igarashi Y., Yamamoto M., Kong L. Anatomy of tsunamis: 1960 Chile earthquake and tsunami (invited)

11:30 11:50 Dunbar P., Stroker K. Statistics of global historical tsunamis

11:50 12:10 Papadopoulos G., Daskalaki E., Fokaefs A. Tsunami intensity: a valuable parameter of multiple usefulness

12:10 12:30 Tinti S., Armigliato A., Pagnoni G., Tonini R. On tsunami attacks on the southern Italian coasts: from hazard to vulnerability and risk

12:30 12:50 Zahibo N., Pelinovsky E., Yalciner A., Zaytsev A., Talipova T., Nikolkina I., Chernov A., Insel I., Dilmen D., Ozer C. The 1755 Lisbon tsunami propagation in the Atlantics and its effect in the Caribbean Sea

12:50 13:10 Dilmen D., Yalciner A., Zaytsev A., Chernov A., Ozer C., Insel I., Pelinovsky E., Kurkin A., Karakus H., Kanoglu U., Imamura F. Development of GIS based inundation maps; application to Fethiye town, Turkey

13:10 13:30 Nosov M., Kolesov S. Optimal initial conditions for simulation of seismotectonic tsunamis

July 14, Tuesday. Afternoon session.

15:00 15:15 Igarashi Y., Yamamoto M., Kong L. Compilation of historical tsunami mareograms

15:15 15:30 Gusman A., Tanioka Y., Kobayashi T., Latief H., Pandoe W. Source model of the 2007 Bengkulu earthquake determined from tsunami waveforms and InSAR data

15:30 15:45 Fine I., Thomson R., Rabinovich A. Meteorological tsunamis on the Pacific coast of North America

15:45 - 16:00 Iwabuchi Y., Sugino H., Ebisawa K., Imamura F. The development of tsunami trace database in which reliability is taken into account based on the trace data on the coast of Japan

16:15 16:30 Abe K. Isolation of period component characteristic to incident wave from tsunamis observed at tide station

16:45 17:00 Rabinovich A., Thomson R., Candella R. Energy decay of the 2004 Sumatra tsunami in the Indian and Atlantic oceans

17:00 17:15 Rabinovich A., Stroker K., Thomson R., Davis E. High resolution deep-ocean observations in the Northeast Pacific reveal important properties of the 2004 Sumatra tsunami

17:15 17:30 Roger J., Baptista M., Hebert H. Comparison of the different proposed sources for the 1755 Lisbon tsunami: modelling in the West Indies

17:30 17:45 Koshimura S., Yanagasawa H., Miyagi T. Mangrove's fragility against tsunami, inferred from high-resolution satellite imagery and numerical modeling

17:45 18:00 Klimenko S. Situational awareness, virtual environment and neogeography in Integrated Information System for community protection and response

July 15, Wednesday. Morning Session.

09:00 09:20 Bernard E. An educational tool for a new generation of tsunami scientists (review of a new Harvard book)

09:20 09:40 Gusiakov V. Historical data in application to the tsunami hazard and risk assessment

09:40 10:00 Titov V. Progress in tsunami forecasting

10:00 - 10:20 Synolakis C., Kanoglu U. Tsunami modeling: development of benchmarked models

10:20 10:45 Gisler G., Weaver R., Gittings M. Calculations of asteroid impacts into deep and shallow water

10:45 11:00 Levin B., Nosov M. Physics of tsunamis (review of a new Springer book)

11:30 11:45 Barberopoulou A., Synolakis C., Legg M., Uslu B. Tsunami hazard of the state of California

11:45 12:00 Miranda J., Baptista M., Omira R., Lima V. Mapping tsunami hazard along the Gulf of Cadiz overview of TRANSFER and NEAREST projects

12:00 12:15 Kulikov E., Fine I. Tsunami risk estimation in the Tatar Strait

12:15 12:30 Power W., Lukovic B. Defining tsunami coastal hazard zones that are optimized for effective warnings

12:30 12:45 Ranguelov B., Scheer S., Mardirosian G. Tsunami vulnerability of the natural and man-made structures for the north Bulgarian Black Sea coast

12:45 13:00 Kaystrenko V., Khramushin V., Zolotukhin D. Tsunami hazard zoning for the Southern Kuril Islands

13:00 13:15 Nicolsky D., Suleimani E., West D., Hansen R. Tsunami modeling and inundation mapping in Alaska: Validation and verification of a numerical model

13:15 13:30 Okumura Y., Takahashi T., Koshimura S., Harada K., Suzuki S., Gica E., Kawata Y. Long-term effects of social responses in the 1994 Mindoro Tsunami Disaster in Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

July 15, Wednesday. Afternoon Session.

15:00 15:15 Androsov A., Behrens J., Harig S., Wekerle C., Schroter J., Danilov S. Tsunami modelling with unstructured grids. Interaction between tides and tsunami waves

15:15 15:30 Araki T., Koshimura S. Numerical modeling of free surface flow using a lattice Boltzmann method

15:30 15:45 Kanoglu U., Titov V., Ayd?n B., Synolakis C. Propagation of finite strip sources over a flat bottom

16:00 16:15 Marchuk An. Directivity of tsunami generated by subduction zone sources

16:15 16:30 Beisel S., Chubarov L., Khudyakova V., Shokin Yu. Some features of the landslide mechanism of the surface waves generation in real basins

16:30 16:45 Babajlov V., Beisel S., Chubarov L., Eletsky S., Fedotova Z., Gusiakov V., Shokin Yu. Some aspects of the detailed numerical modeling of tsunami along the Far East coast of the Russian Federation

16:45 17:00 Simonenko V., Skorkin N., Minaev I., Abramov A., Abramov E. Mathematical modeling of asteroid falling into the ocean

July 16, Thursday. Morning Session.

09:00 09:20 Tanioka Y., Ioki K. Tsunami analyses of great interplate earthquakes along the central Kurile subduction zone

09:20 09:40 Shimazaki K., Kim H., Ishibe T., Tsuji Y., Satake K., Imai K., Tomari J., Chiba T., Sugai T., Okamura M., Matsuoka H., Fujiwara O., Namegaya Y. Recurrence of Kanto earthquakes revealed from tsunami deposits in Miura peninsula, Japan

09:40 10:00 Tsuji Y., Tachibana T. Possibility of generation of tsunamis caused by burst of methane hydrate in the sea bed induced by shaking of earthquakes

10:00 10:20 Nishimura Y., Nakamura Y. Spatial distribution and lithofacies of pumiceous-sand tsunami deposits

10:20 10:40 Tachibana T., Tsuji Y. Tsunamigenic Miocene conglomerates formed under the upper bathyal environments in the southern part of the Chita peninsula, Aichi prefecture, central Japan

10:40 11:00 Kaystrenko V. The association between the Tsunami recurrence function and tsunami height distribution along the coast

11:20 11:35 Ivashchenko A., Lobkovsky L., Garagash I. Dynamic displacements of the sea bottom due to subduction zone earthquakes

11:35 11:50 Denisova A., Nosov M. Parameters of a tsunami source versus an earthquake magnitude

11:50 12:05 Namegaya Y., Tanioka Y., Satake K. Configuration of tsunami source in waveform inversion

12:05 12:20 Voronina T. The inverse problem of reconstructing a tsunami source with numerical simulation

12:20 12:35 Astrakova A., Bannikov D., Cherny S., Lavrentiev M.Jr. The method for finding the location of senors providing the fastest tsunami wave detection

12:35 12:50 Hansen R., Suleimani E., Nicolsky D., West D. Tsunami modeling and inundation mapping in Alaska: current status of the project

12:50 13:05 Suleimani E., Ruppert N., Nicolsky D., Hansen R. Near-field modeling of the 1964 Alaska tsunami: a source function study

13:05 13:20 Didenkulova I., Pelinovsky E. Abnormal amplification of long waves in the coastal zone

13:20 13:35 Didenkulova I., Pelinovsky E., Soomere T. Can the waves generated by fast ferries be a physical model of tsunami?

July 16, Thursday. Afternoon Session.

15:00 15:15 Baptista M., Omira R., Matias L., Catita C., Carrilho F., Toto E. Early detection of tsunamis in NEA region

15:15 15:30 Annunziato A., Matias L., Baptista M., Carrilho F., Ulutas E. Progresses in the establishment of the Portuguese Tsunami Warning System

15:30 15:45 Greenslade D., Simanjuntak M., Allen S. Modelling and forecasting for the Australian Tsunami Warning System

15:45 16:00 Whitmore P., Knight, W., Weinstein S. Recent United States Tsunami Warning System improvements

16:00 16:15 Andreev A., Borodin R., Kamaev D., Chubarov L., Gusiakov V. Automated management-information the tsunami warning system

16:15 16:30 Korolev Yu. The retrospective short-term tsunami forecast

16:45 17:00 Lavrentiev M.Jr., Simonov K. Energy-based analysis of tsunamigenic earthquake precursors

17:00 17:15 Komarov V., Korobkin A., Sturova I. Interaction between a tsunami wave and a very large elastic platform floating in shallow water of variable depth

17:15 17:30 Dengler L., Uslu B. Harbor modifications and tsunami vulnerability at Crescent City, California

17:30 17:45 Hashimoto T., Koshimura S., Kobayashi E. Analysis of ship drifting motion by tsunami