Symposium will cover all the basic aspects of the tsunami problem including, but not limited, the following topics:

1. Historical Tsunami Observations, Catalogs and Databases
2. Tsunami Measurements and Field Observations
3. Geologic Effects and Records of Tsunamis
4. Tsunami Probability and Seismotectonic Aspects of Tsunami Generation
5. Non-Seismic Sources of Tsunami
6. Tsunami Modeling- Generation, Propagation and Run-up
7. Tsunami Impacts on Coastlines
8. Tsunami Forecasting and Real-Time Warning
9. Methods of Long-Term Tsunami Risk Estimates (Coastal Tsunamizoning)
10. Tsunami Mitigation and Countermeasures

The final version of the Symposium Program can be downloaded here

The final version of the ITS-2009 Program (with Abstracts) can be downloaded here(1.6mb doc)

Symposium is followed by the Joint IUGG/TC - NGDC/NOAA - IOC/UNESCO Technical Workshop on Tsunami Measurements and Real-Time Detection to be held on Friday, July 17, 2009.